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We have extensive experience of working in Spain and the Canary islands, having worked on matters as diverse as surveillance & process serving to reversing a miscarriage of justice

The local vagaries of conducting business in Spain often means that local investigation is unreliable; consequently we are contracted by a number of companies based in Europe for computer forensic investigation & other issues

We are au fait with business and finance practices and effect business and private/personal investigations involving corporate and family matters. This may involve multiple disciplines of surveillance, computer forensics, tracing, financial investigation etc, all handled in-house

private investigator madrid detective privado


For us, investigation in Madrid is commonplace and we have a lot of experience working in Spain. We have handled matters for commercial, private and legal clients, & British citizens in trouble

private investigator cordoba detective privado


Having conducted surveillance operations and traced and served people to serve legal papers in Córdoba we have become familiar with the city as we have with many other areas of Spain

Spain Private Investigator Detective Privado Islas Canarias

Canary Isles

We have worked in the Canary Islands on many occasions, in Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, using our skills on surveillance, legal investigation and serving court papers

Process Server spain

Process Serving

It is cheaper, if the documents are from a UK court, for one of our process servers to travel to effect service personally rather than using the complexities of the Spanish Legal which is expensive, lengthy and cost-prohibitive.

James Harris Kyle Thain released on bail

Legal Investigation

Investigation in Spain seeking out witnesses, taking statements and proving the authenticity of timed photohgraphs that helped towards the release of Kyle Thain and James Harris, arrested in Spain and charged with attempted murder.

Property searches in Spain 
Registradores de España

Property Searches

We conduct property searches in Spain by the person or company's name or locality, in a municipality, province or across the country as a whole. Once the properties have been identified, a Nota Simple can be obtained

Private Investigator Surveillance Spain


Practical experience has shown that vehicle surveillance in Europe is much easier in a right hand drive hire car. The experience of working in Spain is a great advantage

Adoption Tarcing Spain

Adoption Tracing

A proportion of our work in tracing and adoption enquiries (birth parent / adoptee) enquiries result in the subject having moved abroad, requiring trace work in Spain & France

Fingerprinting Spain


To our knowledge we are the only investigation agency to run fingerprinting in-house and this seems to apply in Spain; CFTC and FINRA requirements apply equally to Madrid as London

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