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Private Investigator Gran Canaria Canary Islands Gran Canaria Detective Privado Islas Canarias

Two million people visiting Gran Canaria each year is a plentiful reason for investigation. We have extensive history working in the Canary Islands and are equipped to handle any private or commercial investigation

We have handled investigation in Las Palmas and traced people to Aguimes; working in Gran Canaria produces excellent results. Our Investigators use their experience to good effect, trusted with sensitive and difficult assignments, whether personal or business matters

A key requirement of investigation in the Canaries is our experience, using innovative, adaptable, planned approaches. We blend with tourists but have the necessary travel and language skills and do not transgress local law

In 2013, police raided timeshare showrooms in Gran Canaria. Nearly 60 people were arrested including Paula Beatson for allegedly helping organise a £4.3million timeshare fraud that targeted thousands of tourists. 2,000 holidaymakers paid £25,000 each for timeshare properties that could not be used

James Harris Kyle Thain released on bail

Two Britons arrested in Spain and charged with attempted murder were released on bail after submission of our collated evidence

Process Server spain

We have served legal documents in the Canary islands on many occasions, sidestepping the cumbersome and expensive Spanish system

Paula beatson Timeshare scam

Police raided timeshare showrooms in Gran Canaria with 60 arrests for a £4.3m timeshare fraud that targeted thousands of tourists

Spain Private Investigator Detective Privado Islas Canarias

Private Investigation in the Canary Islands in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, as well as the smaller islands

Private Investigator Surveillance Spain

Surveillance on Gran Canaria, often on tourists and the partners of clietns to establish what they are up to while on holiday & away from England

Private Investigator Spain Detective Privado Espana

As well as Gran Canaria, we work extensively in mainland Spain, Majorca, Mallorca and Ibiza on surveillance and crime investigation

private investigator cordoba detective privado

Tracing an individual and serving legal papers in Córdoba, then conducting an extensive surveillance operation started our experience in the city

private investigator madrid detective privado

Working often in Spain's capital Madrid ion matters for commercial, private and legal clients at an economic cost compared to hiring someone locally

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