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Process Serving

We serve documents for legal firms and for corporate or personal litigation, across the United Kingdom and Internationally

Process Server

Service in the UK

Answers work for several hundred legal firms across the UK and abroad, serving legal documents in the UK and Internationally, ranging from Court Orders to Winding Up Petitions

The serving of legal documents is an essential service that takes perspicacity, delicacy and careful handling. We will collect from Court or from your office and prepare affidavit in-house. While we cannot claim an absolute 100% success rate, there has to be a good reason for our people not to succeed. Over the years we have encountered many different situations, serving companies, individuals, corporations, members of the armed forces, travellers camps, even ships, aircraft and, on one occasion, a political party

Our experience dealing with people means that our success rate is near that magical 100%. In more than a decade in business, we have never experienced injury, a record deriving from planning and from our approach, which treats all people with respect - something that carries a long way in interpersonal dealing. We have a network of Process Servers Nationally which means costs are minimised

International Process Service

We have effected service for legal process arising from Courts not only in the United Kingdom, but from many countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Europe, South America, Africa and the Pacific Rim. On occasions it has been necessary to travel to effect service originating in a UK Court abroad - often more cost effective and reliable than attempting to get something served locally

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  • Companies which operate in the UK or which deal with UK financial institutions often need to provide an address in the UK at which legal proceedings or other notices can be served on them. In international markets, overseas companies commonly enter into agreements, for example financing or software agreements, that are governed by English Law. These agreements oblige the parties to appoint an agent, based in the United Kingdom, to receive on the party's behalf service of legal notices and process. This ensures that the Courts in the United Kingdom have jurisdiction over any disputes

    We also understand the vagaries of process to the Armed Forces, which can sometimes be far from straightforward. Service also occasionally has it's lighter side, however, as this video shows!

    For details of process serving rates,call us on +44 01483 200999 or email to

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  • Process Serving in Spain
  • Process Serving in Singapore
  • Process Serving in United Arab Emirates
  • Process Serving in France
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