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Talking to an Investigator may seem daunting, but our people have an unbiased opinion of every situation that is encountered, providing advice and guidance from beginning to end with experience and expertise


Affairs & Infidelity

Trust is one of the foundation stones of any relationship; unfortunately that trust is sometimes betrayed. We will help you get to the truth of a situation, helping you to make an informed decision about the future

Employment Tribunal


Discretion is a watchword, especially when handling a delicate issue for private clients. Observation will help you to get to the truth of a matter, showing someone's real actions and not just the version of events they relay

"I was in need of a private investigator and having never used one before, was particularly worried about finding someone, who would understand how I felt and not just about making money. I googled a few companies and rang them up and some were most definitely all about the money. But then I came across Answers Investigators. I rang them up and immediately I felt comfortable and more at ease about using a private investigator. I only ended up needing them for one night's work but Joe in particular made it very easy. He communicated with me at every step. I didn't feel like I was talking to a stranger but more a friend which made me feel better. He sent me a very thorough report of his findings and even called me after to make sure I was alright. His concern pleasantly surprised me, as being in touch with many professionals on a daily basis, I'm not always made to feel that way. I would definitely use and recommend them again and in particular Joe"

Teenagers & Children

Teenagers & Children

Answers have expertise in handling issues surrounding teenagers and family, especially those involving the internet, chat rooms, internet grooming and potential blackmail or corruption

Private Investigation


Internet use of social networking sites is an essential part of young peoples' existence, but is also abused by predatory individuals using the susceptibility of young people for their own gain

Adoption Tracing

Adoption Tracing

Whether you are an adoptee who wants to trace your biological mother/father, or a birth parent who wishes to trace a son or daughter given up for adoption, it is our pleasure to help in many ways

GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Electronically tracking the movements of a vehicle is a cost effective help in gaining evidence in a personal matter. Combined with physical surveillance we will ascertain where someone is and who they are seeing

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics

Retrieval, analysis and examination of data found and recovered from mobile phones, PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, memory cards, obtaining contact lists, SMS messages, address books, call logs, and location information

Computer Investigation

Computer Investigation

Expert working with computers and the expertise to forensically examine hard drives, rebuilding deleted files

Tracing People

Tracing People

We trace people using many resources including in-house databases, sometimes matched with practical enquiries, tracking missing people, birth parents, adopted children and debt absconders

Drug & Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol & Drugs

Accurate information is of most relevance in tackling the potential problems of drug and alcohol misuse, handled sensitively through discreet investigation without invading privacy

Historic Sexual Abuse

Historic sexual Abuse

We have sensitively investigated accounts of historic sexual abuse involving tracing witnesses & dating back decades, resulting in successful prosecution & closure for victims

Divotce Investigation


Divorcing couples may no longer expect a 50:50 split of assets. Legislation is being introduced in an attempt to cut the legal costs of the 300,000 people who go through the divorce courts each year



Being the victim of blackmail, whether for money or for reasons of harrassment, is a stressful issue for which there can often seem no resolution. Talk to us - we have resolved many situations

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