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Private Investigator working in Fuerteventura, Canary islands - call us on +44 1483 200999 - or for more information send an email to info@answers.uk.com

Uniquely, we work in Fuerteventura (and the rest of the Canary islands) for both private and commercial clients, looking after their interests there and resolving what can be local difficult issues

Investigations often revolve around someone either holidaying or residing on the island

We are also called upon to serve legal papers, circumventing the local system which can be slow, unreliable and laborious - a simple solution that is more cost effective

James Harris Kyle Thain released on bail

Finding evidence to defend a miscarriage of justice in Spain when two Britons accused of attempted murder were incorrectly imprisoned

Process Server spain

Serving legal documents in Spain and the Canary Islands, bypassing the complex Spanish Legal system at half the cost and time

Paula beatson Timeshare scam

Timeshare showrooms in Gran Canaria were raided, with 60 people arrested including Paula Beatson for a £4.3m timeshare fraud

Private Investigator Spain Detective Privado Espana

Investigative help in Spain, Majorca, Mallorca and Ibiza; everything from criminal investigation to surveillance

Private Investigator Surveillance Spain

Well versed in surveillance operations on Fuerteventura, with discretion and a positive result

private investigator madrid detective privado

Assignments in Spain's capital city for commercial, private and legal clients

private investigator cordoba detective privado

Surveillance, tracing and serving of legal papers in Córdoba in hard working investigation

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