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Answers Investigation
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Answers Investigation are Process Servers and Private Investigators. As well as serving legal documents throughout the UK we also effect International legal service of documents , partcularly in European countries including France and Spain, but also further afield in such as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Telephone 020 7158 0332 in London or at one of our local sites, or Email

Process Serving

Process Servers, serving legal documents throughout the United Kingdom & abroad in such as France, Spain, Dubai & Singapore


A sensitive - and confidential - investigation of Family Law matters including cohabitation, assets searching and proving adultery

Employment Tribunal

Producing evidence of an Employment Tribunal claim being spurious will provide the defence needed for a positive judgment

"I am writing to thank you for your swift and effective service of the Prohibitive Steps Order on Friday in relation to the above matter. In particular I wish to thank Isla MacKinnon for personally returning the statement of service to me prior to the hearing on Monday

I have been very impressed with the service provided by Answers Investigation and look forward to working with you in the future"

- Joanna Kemp, Solicitor, Barlow Robbins LLP


Trust us to contact and interview witnesses sensitively, but appropriately for the statement that needs to be gained.

Private Investigation

Fingerprinting for identification (such as Criminal Records clearance with the FBI) and in tandem with investigation to provide irrefutable evidence

Computer Investigation

Computer Investigation with our unique investigative standpoint, disseminating and recreating files thought long lost or destroyed

Tracing People

Tracing people is our speciality - we are expert at it, with an in-house tracer who has decades of experience, finding people all over the world


The art of surveillance is one honed over many years, for Family Law issues, Employment disoutes and Corporate Litigation

Identifying culprit through their handwriting

Admissible forensic evidence from handwriting analysis to determine an aunhor with full report by accredited Handwriting expert

Process Agents

We represent overseas companies who are parties to International agreements by acting as Agents for Process of Service (Process Agents)

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