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We welcome work experience candidates who are currently embarked upon GCSE, AS or University studies. Be warned - while we will take care of your wellbeing and safety we are likely to throw you in the deep end. We have taken more than 70 people under work experience - the experience of some students is seen below

Work experience candidates are welcome to talk to us - many have spent an enjoyable time learning about investigation work, visiting from as far away as America and Martinique as well as the United Kingdom, and have been aged from as young as 15

Recognition of our commitment is seen by the such as this Certificate of Appreciation

To apply contact us either by email to or by telephoning 01483 200999

Private Investigator Work Experience


Angel spent her work experience time during her GCSE year getting involved with computer forensics, tracing and surveillance and has remained attached ever since. While with us, Angel was the central focus of a story on young detectives in Australia's "Dolly" magazine

Private Investigator Work Experience

Emma C

Emma undertook a work experience placement during her degree. Having found it difficult to settle on what direction to take in the world of work, private investigation was the job that captured her, after spending her childhood recording notes using invisible ink in her very own ‘spy notebook’

Private Investigator Work Experience

Emma G

Emma (G) spent a week with us while studying for her GCSE's. Her expectation of being involved in only a limited way was quickly dispelled by taking part in two surveillance operations and learning how to fingerprint, as well as learning how a busy office works

Private Investigator Work Experience


Jade is one of the youngest to have spent time with us in work experience, being in Year 10 at the time and studying for her GCSE's. Jade is hoping for a career in Forensics and learnt about everything from surveillance to office work, approaching her time with us with enthusiasm

Private Investigator Work Experience


Jamie Fillmore visited us from the USA and working under an internship as a part of her degree in Forensic Science at Mountain State University, West Virginia after 4 years with the US Marine Corps as a Morse Code Intercept Operator and Signals Analyst, graduating first in her class

Private Investigator Work Experience

Joe Bate

Joe spent a week in work experience after studying Law at university and ended up being recruited Trained as a barrister, Joe entered the world of Private Investigation, working in London and Surrey and has rapidly become an accomplished Investigator

Private Investigator Work Experience


Unforgettably, Meldin travelled from Martinique as an intern for 5 weeks. A French National studying Business, this was her first visit to the UK, making new friends and working with our young detectives as well as older contemporaries. Coming from an island, the UK was to some extent a culture shock, but she soon found her place and proved her worth

Private Investigator Work Experience


Penny spent a week on work experience during her GCSE year, learning how a business works, how to research, and how to examine, lift, analyse and take fingerprints, returning to her GCSE studies with a very different experience of how a company works & what it is like to work in a unique environment - & probably the envy of her schoolfriends

Private Investigator Work Experience


Sophie-Lynne Jory was studying Astrophysics at Queen Mary's but wanted to experience working as a Private Eye after meeting us at The London Business Show. Getting involved in surveillance, research and undercover work contrasted greatly with becoming Sherlock Holmes at business exhibitions, engaging with visitors and exhibitors

Private Investigator Work Experience

Matt Rudd - Sunday Times

One of the more unusual days of work experience was spent helping Sunday Times journalist Matt Rudd fulfil his childhood dream to be a Private Investigator

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