Harry Watts Private Investigator
Harry Watts Private Investigator

Harry Watts, P.I.

Hello, I’m Harry, an intern at Answers Investigation. Call us on 01483 200999 to talk about any issue - or Email info@answers.uk.com. Work experience placements are only available at our site in Guildford

Hello, I’m Harry, an intern at Answers Investigation

Investigation to me has always been finding out the root causes to problems that people face every day. Here at Answers I can do just that. No, it’s not the fancy scenes you’ve seen in the latest Bond movie, but that’s not what our work here is about, its tackling real issues, with real people at its core

On the first day I was nervous, but I quickly felt at ease when in the office. I helped with day to day office tasks in the morning, and after lunch me and Steve, who was very friendly, drove to Caterham to serve some papers. Although it didn’t take long, it gave me a good insight to their job

Studying Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth quickly taught me the world is not clear cut. Developing my curiosity and deductive skills led me to where I am today, but didn’t give me the genuine experience I needed. Learning on the job here at Answers Investigation has really propelled my knowledge and skills in the short time I’ve been here and has given me that extra authentic practice I craved. You can only learn so much from textbooks and webpages, the first-hand fieldwork is where the real education lies

In my brief time here I’ve been involved with observations, process serves and research, all of which have left me with a large appetite for more. I believe that for most individuals, finding a job or work that you enjoy to its fullest degree is hard to come by. But for myself, I can safely say that I’m absorbed by the world and workings of being a Private Investigator. I look forward to hopefully spending more time here at Answers and the fantastic people that work here

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