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Undercover investigation in the property industry, exposing the immoral practices of some of the leading names in the property business. For information and advice on this or any other issue, call us on 020 7158 0332 or email

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Responsible Estate Agents throughout the UK were greatly concerned about the ramifications of a BBC Whistleblower documentary, which exposed the immoral practices of a leading name in the property business. We help companies in the industry to self-police, demonstrating to their clients their commitment to honest practice

Fraud and malpractice within an organisation will damage a company's integrity - or may be graphically and publicly exposed, as was the case for a leading estate agents recently on the BBC Whistleblower documentary. We will gain evidence within your organisation of bad practice and help you (publicly, if desired) to set it right, demonstrating your commitment to clients and to honest trading

A positive media image will enhance your company's image; a negative one can destroy it. Media exposure of below standard working practices will undo the positive image you have worked so hard to promote. Working under your direction in closely examining employees non-adherence to company policy, we will then support the encouragement of a positive media image

Our biggest strength is our people, coming from a variety of walks of life with multiple skills. With a growing network of offices, Answers are well placed to work Nationally. We will happily visit you at your premises, or invite you to ours

A good comparison of positive action is our work with the licensed trade, where an experienced team of "under-age" shoppers assist leading off-licence chains to ensure that their age checking policies are working - and in taking action when they are not. Customers of our client see the business taking positive steps to improve their own practices

If necessary, our Computer forensic expertise can enable recovery of deleted files, content with times and dates of web sites visited, email and instant messenger transcripts, and a plethora of information

There is a common assumption that deleting a computer file will erase the information - a mistaken assumption of which we can help you to take advantage

Surveillance - whether car based, electronic, or on foot - can often form an intrinsic part of an investigation. Experience from different situations makes the difference between casual observation and gaining the essential information that brings a case together. The Evening Standard tested us - why don't you? To find out what life is like working physical surveillance, read our article

Our anti-drink spiking programme is a second example of specialist application to a growing problem, with companies and educational establishments demonstrating through positive action their commitment to good standards. High profile teams attend events armed with drink testing kits that are made available to guests. The presence of our team not only provides reassurance but will dissuade perpetrators, emphasising the caring image the client wants to present

Covert Monitoring - whether through "physical" surveillance or the use of secret cameras - can be justified if there is a genuine suspicion that an offence is being committed or an authorised investigation is being undertaken. It should only be undertaken as part of a specific investigation and should cease once the investigation is complete

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