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Drug & Alcohol Misuse


To Universities and other education venues, social events are a frequent part of life. Unfortunately, the easy availability of Rohypnol, GHB and other "date-rape" drugs has caused embarrassment to the hosts and distress to it's victims

One student relates: " I had several drinks but wasn't drunk; I was having fun until around 11pm; from then until the next morning I have no memory". She was found outside the venue at around midnight by her friends; she was cold, had lost her bag and mobile, disorientated, incoherent and unable to walk or talk. Fortunately she had come to no physical harm. An incident with similarities happened to another girl at the same venue on the same evening

Nearly all accept that, at present, the problem is not going to go away. Attendance at events by Answers staff therefore provides many benefits:

  • Guests at the event feel reassured and confident
  • Doubt is eliminated
  • PR value demonstrates the organiser's commitment to providing a safe environment
  • the high profile of staff discourages and dissuades would-be perpetrators

  • "Last year I went out with three of my friends, to a students union do. Two of my friends got bored and ran out of money, so they decided to leave. I continued to dance and talk to people with my other friend who stayed. I remember a guy buying her and I a drink and then the next thing I knew I was in a room. I had no idea where I was, how on earth I had got there and most importantly, where my friends were. I don't know if I was assaulted and I was too embarrassed to tell police. I felt like it was my fault! I lost my mobile phone and my shoes. I had to go home on the train by myself, vomiting, with no shoes. People looked at me like I was a leper."

    Date Rape & Drink Spiking

    Date Rape & Drink Spiking

    Drink Spiking drugs can be concoted from Internet recipes - we have a developed high profile campaign working with Universities and in Corporate functions across the country to work in prevention and awareness, as well as helping institutions monitor the level of abuse in their environment

    Challenge 25 Training

    Challenge 25

    By threat of license suspension and license review the Licensed trade have made significant inroads into the problems of underage drinking. We work with major retailers and pubcos to implement Challenge 25 procedures by implementng on-site training programmes and providing point of sale material

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