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Process Agent

Fee Structure

Fees for Process Agent Service in the UK. Answers Investigation acts as agents for service of legal process by parties to international agreements

Process Agent   Agent for service of legal process

We will charge fees by Appointor and for the relevant number of Legal Documents within any transaction (and for these purposes each Agreement with a separate counterparty is treated as a separate transaction). The fees below relate to our appointment only in respect of proceedings issued out of the courts of England. If you want us to also receive documents served in respect of proceedings in relation to the same Legal Documents, the additional charge listed below will apply

  • Annual Service: £195 + VAT per annum for 1-3 Legal Documents
  • Set Up: £150 + VAT as a one-off Set-up fee
  • Additional Legal Documents: £50 + VAT per annum per additional document
  • Early Termination: £50 + VAT
  • For each additional contact or contact address £50 + VAT (Initial fee includes the appointment of one contact within the appointing organisation)
  • For each additional confirmation £50 + VAT (Initial fee includes the confirmation of our appointment to up to 2 persons)
  • Please see the following documents / pages:

  • Order Form for Agent for Service of Legal Service
  • Basis of Charging (web)
  • Terms and Conditions (web)
  • Terms and Conditions (pdf)
  • The serving of legal documents is an essential service that takes perspicacity, delicacy and careful handling. We will collect from Court or from your office and prepare affidavit in-house. While we cannot claim an absolute 100% success rate, there has to be a good reason for our people not to succeed. Over the years we have encountered many different situations, serving companies, individuals, corporations, members of the armed forces, travellers camps, even ships, aircraft and, on one occasion, a political party

    We have effected service for legal process arising from Courts not only in the United Kingdom, but from many countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Europe, South America, Africa and the Pacific Rim. On occasions it has been necessary to travel to effect service originating in a UK Court abroad - often more cost effective and reliable than attempting to get something served locally

    For service in France & service in Dubai, often cheaper if handled from the UK, see our Guide to Process Serving in France

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