Southampton Business Show 2015 Private Investigator
Woking Business Exhibition HG Wells Centre

Southampton Business Show

Southampton Business Show

19th November 2015 - Aegeas Bowl

Having attended the FSB Business Awards (which we won!) the night before, on just a few hours sleep we fulfilled a long booked arrangement and exhibited at Southampton Business Show. Despite her lack of zzzz's, Sherlock remained bright and personable as you can see in these photos, as did the other investigators on the stand. Do contact us if you would like copies of any of the photographs if we have not already sent them to you

BBC South Today Private Investigator

BBC South Today

Olivia Ellenger interviewed by Sally Taylor on BBC South Today on what it is like to be a Private Investigator

Southampton Daily Echo Private Investigator

Southampton Daily Echo

Interview with Tara Russell of the Southampton Daily Echo - "Behind the Lens of a PI" looking at handling local investigation in Hampshire

Complete works of sherlock holmes

Southampton Business Show

The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes was the prize in our Business prize draw at Southampton Show

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