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Meldin travelled from Martinique to spend 3 months on an internship with us, finding out what it is like to work as a Private Investigator. Born in the Caribean, Meldin is fluent in both French and English. If you would like to be considered for work experience please contact us

Meldin Avril

Meldin visited us from Martinique as an intern for five weeks. A French National studying Business at home, this was her first visit to the UK where she made new friends and worked with many of our young detectives as well as their older contemporaries. Coming from an island with a population of 40,000, the UK was to some extent a culture shock, but she soon found her place and proved her worth; some of our work involves European research and her natural French combined with fluent English gave her a head start. Thrown into the deep in some investigations, she swam proficiently, investigating, among other cases, an employee on long term sickness and a manufacturers missing stock

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Meldin features in a 'taster' for a potential TV series with Emily, Lise and Marnie

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