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Lucy is just one of many students who have spent time with us completing work experience. Call us on 01483 200999 to talk about any issue - or Email Work experience placements are only available at our site in Guildford

Lucy spent a week in work experience with us during her GCSE year. In her own words, she says:

I really enjoyed my week at answers investigations. I was able to go out with the employees and got to experience the types of cases that they work on. I also got to spend time in the office, helping with sending letters, paper work and I even got to read some of the cases that they were working on.

On the first day I was nervous, but I quickly felt at ease when in the office. I helped with day to day office tasks in the morning, and after lunch me and Steve, who was very friendly, drove to Caterham to serve some papers. Although it didn’t take long, it gave me a good insight to their job

The next day, I was in the office. I had plenty to do all day. Again, I helped with fileing, letters and I got to use the franking machine. I also did some research on a case which we were going to continue the following week

On Wednesday, I travelled up to London Waterloo, meeting Amy on the train. We then got the tube to Canary Warf and then another train to Lewisham which was local to the client’s house. It was a short walk to find their building and the client was very friendly. I got to see how fingerprints are taken and see an example of why some people may choose to use an investigations service. I found this whole experience very interesting and I learnt a lot from it

On the Thursday, I travelled to Southampton on the train where I met Steve. We drove up to West End, where it was believed that the case had led to. We spent the day going in and around businesses in the West end area, enquiring whether any of the people recognised or had any remembrance of a name. Although having not found any new leads, this experience gave me an insight onto how hard it can be to trace missing people

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at answers investigations. All the staff that I met were very friendly, and I found it good to experience what it’s like as a private investigator

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