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Jade undertook her work experience with us while studying for GCSE's. telephone Answers Investigation on 01483 200999 or email

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Jade was studying for her GCSE's and spent a week with us in work experience. She describes her time in her own words:

"I have recently come to Answers for work experience. When I first saw that they did work experience for year 10’s it made me think that it would really help with what I have been wanting to do in the future. As I am wanting to go into Police Forensics Answers really helped me get involved with 'spying', documenting, filing and much more. With the type of people working there I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get involved as much as I did. However, I was amazed with how much I have been able to do. The first day that I came to Answers I was very nervous, but Nigel helped me feel at home. He asked me to sort through some letters and put them into envelopes. I must have done about 300 plus! Even though it was a little tedious it kept me busy. Olivia came in later through the day and took me up to London to serve some papers. I was quite excited to tag along with her as it was the second time that I have ever gone to London. Going on the trains and the underground was an amazing experience for me "

"Second day that I was there I went off with Pritika. We had to go and watch a woman that claimed she was injured and couldn’t go to work, do shopping or take her child to school. So, we had to go and look out on what she was doing. The first day we were there the woman barely came out of her house. However, when she did we got most of the information that we needed - she seemed very capable of doing things she claimed to be unable to do. On the second day the woman got quite busy - we had to follow her around in the car but making sure that she couldn’t notice us. This was very interesting for me because it got me very involved with the types of things that they do within Answers"

"If I had to say what I most enjoyed about being at Answers I would have to say being around the people was the best. You definitely have to have a sense of humour to be around them and understand what they are saying. I found that I could understand them very well and felt quite at home in the office. Everyone in the office has their own character and are very unique. Even though I was only there for a week I got to know everyone who was there when I was. Olivia was very different to everyone else because whatever was going on she would either talk or eat. On the other hand, Nigel would mostly joke around about things and liven up the place. Pritika and Marnie were very kind and would always make sure that you’re jolly. I think that I got along with Pritika the most because we could just talk for hours and always find something to talk about. Even though I hadn’t met Marnie for long we started to get along quite well near the end of my experience at Answers. I hope that this won’t be that last time I come to Answers because I really enjoyed it there. If I am able to come back at anytime I would be delighted to!"

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