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Absolute Radio asked us to follow Pete Mitchell, from the "Pete and Geoff" breakfast show, for a day to find out what he does after he leaves the studio. We were then invited into the studio to broadcast live on air a couple of days later, and, much to Pete's surprise, to give our report of "A Day in the Life of Pete Mitchell"

Listeners to the Absolute Radio (105.8 FM) breakfast show will be familiar with Pete and Geoff. A few weeks ago, Geoff Lloyd teased Pete Mitchell on air about what he did with his day after the show had finished. He joked that he would arrange for Private Eyes to follow him one day..... so, we offered....and Absolute said "Yes Please".......... so we did. Having followed Pete from the Absolute studio in Golden Square, and having purloined a London cab for the day, we tailed Pete home, whereupon he pulled the blinds and would not be shifted for the rest of the day. Motorbike couriers were unanswered, helicopters flew around his house......still Pete did not make an appearance. In respect of Mr Mitchell's privacy, we have not printed the whole report here - despite his airtime partner, Geoff Lloyd, inadvertently beginning to state Pete's address on air while reading our report out loud (before being jumped on!). We would like to thank Absolute Radio for their hospitality and Pete Mitchell for being a good sport

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