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Saudi Arabia المخبر الخاص

Of the 25 million people living in Saudi Arabia over 5 million are non-Nationals, many of them from the UK. We vet prospective employees for Saudi organisations, especially where the individual is likely to be working in a position of responsibility. Saudi companies have manifold interests in the UK and we conduct investigation in Britain and Europe on their behalf

Process Serving Saudi Arabia

Process Serving Saudi Arabia

The vagaries of the Saudi i Legal system mean that process service of English legal documents in the Middle East is expensive and cost-prohibitive. It is cheaper, and quicker, if the documents are sourced in a UK court, for one of our process servers to travel from England to effect service

Computer Analysis Saudi Arabia

IT Analysis Saudi Arabia

Computer Forensics are a sophisticated process, beginning with cloning of a hard drive so that we can work our magic on the cloned copy. To avoid local difficulties and embarrassment the clone or original machine will be transported out of Kuwait and analysed in the UK

Fingerprinting Saudi Arabia

Fingerprinting Saudi Arabia

We are the only UK investigation agency to run fingerprinting in-house; using mobile digital and ink processes we travel to take a subject's fingerprints, be it for visa purposes or as a part of a Company fraud investigation. Confidentiality and discretion are retained throughout

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