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Determining paternity involves more than taking a test; we help with facilitating both parties to agree and make the process painless with sensitivity. Call us on 020 7158 0332 or send an email to

In addition to our tracing service we provide a DNA testing service. Maybe we have helped you trace an adopted child but there are doubts about paternity. Or maybe there have always been questions about your parentage. There is no scenario too big, small, or embarrassing for us to handle

The only way to accurately prove paternity/maternity is by genetic testing

It is very helpful for us if we can meet with you first. We have a quiet meeting room available at our main office or can make an arrangement local to you. Meeting will help us to discuss the options and some of the potential implications. Without breaking anyone's confidentiality, we can tell you about some of our other experiences and the different way in which searches and contact can go

Our service is unique in that we act as a ‘go between’ for all parties involved. We believe in a personal approach to such a delicate matter. As this can be an emotional time, we are happy to ensure that there is no direct interaction between the parties. Our tracing is highly reliable, but may not provide concrete proof of a bloodline. We provide the peace of mind that the person traced shares the same heritage

To take the samples, we visit each party in a place that is comfortable and convenient to them. This could be at home, a café, or even at work. The swabs are then taken by one of our experienced technicians in just a few minutes, and then promptly returned to the office for processing

As we are bound by confidentiality we ensure that no other party is privy to them without your consent. This means if the result is disappointing, we will not disclose information without your permission

Note that our DNA testing service is NOT a legal service. Our purpose is to reunite long lost family members and provide people with closure. For matters such as Child Maintenance or inheritance a legal paternity test result will need to be obtained

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