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Teenagers/ Children

Internet abuse

Internet Abuse

The Internet is one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century. It is also a facility open to potential abuse by people who may prove a danger to your family's wellbeing

alcohol drugs teenagers children

Alcohol & Drugs

An alcohol culture amongst the young; dangers of drug supply to young people; drug abuse; what to do and how we may help without invading your child's privacy

Dangers of the internet

Social Networking

Who do your children talk to? The dangers of internet message services and social networking, and the potential your children may have for making friends with someone who is not what they seem

Parental Responsibility Rights of Parents and Grandparents

Custody Issues

We are often involved in matters of custody and fair access. Parental rights vary according to the status of the carer. We will take all steps to ensure that such matters are handed ethically and morally

Computer  Investigation

Computer Investigation

We have the ability to forensically analyse any hard drive, recreating files, email and IM conversations - but not without adherence to strict moral and ethical procedures

Teenage Detectives

Teenage Detectives

We have a contingency of young people on our staff, all competent and matched to an experienced investigator; they have a rapport and understanding of the teenage world

BBC News Internet Grooming

BBC 6 O'Clock News

The extent of our resources is seen as Answers, approached by the BBC News, set up an internet grooming sting, talking to and meeting an internet groomer - see the full story here

This Morning Teenagers

This Morning TV

Private Detectives from Answers Investigation interviewed by Philip and Fern on This Morning on the subject of Teenage and Child investigation issues

She Magazine Private Investigator

SHE Magazine

"Parenting now is not what it was 20 years ago. These days, it's easy for kids to get involved in some really bad business" - Read the full article in She Magazine

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