Sherlock Holmes - Answers Investigation at Business shows
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Sherlock Holmes at Business Shows

Some of the people who have made the day of visitors to Business Shows. Come and visit us at the next Expo

Lauren Parker Private Investigator

Lauren Parker

Lauren is an accredited apprentice, learning about all manner of investigation from surveillance to fingerprinting She took on the role of 'Sherlock' at a business exhibition on only her second day of working, engaging with visitors and exhibitors alike - including engaging with a Segway board!

Sherlock Holmes Private Investigator

Rob West

Rob West is an experienced actor who has a lot of fun with us in between rehearsals and performances. One of his new claims to fame is setting the ping-pong record at a show in Croydon - and learning to ride a hover board! Rob's sense of humour and mischief makes the day seem short

Joe Bate Private Investigator

Joe Bate

We put this up for no other reason than embarrassing Joe and will never let him forget dragooning him when he first met us during work experience to be Sherlock at a local business expo. Now an accomplished Investigator, Joe retains his sense of humour

Emma Latham Sherlock Holmes

Emma Latham

Emma Latham is a delightful actress who took on the role of Sherlock before embarking on her University career

Jade Coles Private Investigator

Jade Coles

Jade swiftly adopted the character of Sherlock at the South east Business Show, using her acting skills to good effect

Sophie Lynne Private Investigator


Sophie-Lynne visited our stand at Excel and from there spent time with us in work experience while studying at University

Ben Dobson Sherlock Holmes

Ben Dobson

Ben created the archetypal Sherlock; he is a published author with two books to his credit including 'Lady Luck and Me'

Emma Goodall Private Investigator

Emma Goodall

If joining us for work experience on an exhibition week be warned - we will probably dragoon you to playing Sherlock, as Emma found out!

Natalie Harman Private Investigator

Natalie Harman

A fan of cosplay, Natalie first joined us as Sherlock before joining us full time as an apprentice private Investigator

Sam Spade private Eye


Sam had a similar experience to Emma on his week and fully enjoyed his venture into Victorian investigation


You can meet Sherlock in his and her guises by visiting us at the various business shows where we are exhibiting

Sherlock Holmes   Private Investigator Reigate

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock solved a mystery in Reigate in 1893 - read The Reigate Puzzle and compare it to modern investigation

Sherlock at Christmas

Christmas Sherlock

Lauren featured on our very different Christmas card - together with Treacle the pub dog from the White Hart in Witley

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