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Abbie Gould Private Investigator

Abbie Gould

I have only recently begun my apprenticeship as a Detective with Answers Investigation, and I already love it. I have thrown myself into learning the skills needed as a private investigator, such as fingerprinting.

Every Investigator has natural skills and assets - I am able to use my young age of 17 as an advantage when involved in investigate practices such as surveillance. I look at myself as being outgoing and determined. I don’t even wake up and think I have work today, because it doesn’t feel like a job when you are doing such interesting things and doing something you love

I have always had an interest in this profession and it’s such an incredible opportunity to have. You never know what someone is going to ask when you pick up the phone so you must be ready to find a solution. I know I will become a valued member of the team here at Answers Investigation

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