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Account Manager
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Joe Bate

Account Manager (New Business)

We have a possible vacancy for a Private Investigator / Account Manager responsible primarily for New Business. You will need to have a proven record in creating new business accounts from the corporate and legal sectors, derived from a large prospect pool. If you have the basic ability, we will teach you how to be an effective Private Eye

We do not 'hard-sell', so account management is very much the order of the day, but you must be confident enough to represent the company to new prospective clients. Remuneration is by a basic salary + incentive. You will need to be a car driver with your own vehicle

Please think carefully before applying; entry into this profession is tough, and competitive. We receive many job applications, and bear in mind that we rarely advertise vacancies.

While we will put a lot into you if your application is successful, we expect a lot from you; you will be expected to help build our business and we will be looking to you to be prepared to tell us how you will achieve such a goal

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